The First Last

This past weekend Jeff and I went to Supper Club, our official first last here in San Antonio.

Our “club” is really just four couples who got to know one another through Church.  We really enjoyed each other and started meeting for dinner in each others homes almost four years ago.  Life was simple in the beginning , there were only two babies in the group and we met monthly.  The boys played while we ate gourmet meals, sipped wine and had great conversations.  We’ve now seen four babies born, added two kids when another couple joined us and there’s one on the way this summer.  Things aren’t so simple and we meet, when everything falls into place, bimonthly.  The conversation is still great, in quality and interruptions.

So, when we realized this would be our last Supper Club, Jeff and I called the sitter, forked overa chunk of change and had a lovely, interruption free, evening.  This group has been such a lifeline for us and we will truly miss them! 

Of course, this also brings to mind all of the other lasts that we have ahead of us as we prepare to leave for Colorado.  It’s going to be a tough 6 weeks as we say goodbye to all that has been so important to us in the last 4+ years.        


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