An Anomaly

Jeff and I are quite the anomaly here when it comes to our "crunchy" lifestyle.  I'm not sure if it's because we're in Texas or in the military community but we seem to be more extreme than most here and stick out like sore thumbs.  I think we're pretty low on the crunchy spectrum but that may just be because I compare myself to other northwesterners.  We aren't shy about the fact that we try to eat as organically as possible, limit plastic use (for safety and to limit waste), use cloth diapers, I nurse our babies, and whatever other things we do. 
The people Jeff works with are especially amazed.  One of them asked him the other day if we had electricity!  (I'm pretty sure he was only half joking.)
So, tonight as I was putting the cookies we made for J to take to work in Pyrex containers (they're glass and reuseable afterall), I realized that many of his co-workers had never met me, or even seen me in passing.   I wondered how they envision me as Jeff tells them of the latest thing that I'm up to. 
Instantly I decided that they picture me with dreads, hairy pits and B.O. because, you have to save shampoo and water too, you know.    


One thought on “An Anomaly

  1. Beef,
    I love your blog.
    I love that I still call you “Beef” in my mind, even though you are crunchy!
    You should come visit me in Sellwood here in Oregon sometime-it is pretty crunchy my friend!

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