Speeding. It’s not a good choice.

Jeff was gone Thursday night and Connor was sick and having a hard time getting to sleep. I decided to load the kids up on the van and go for a quick drive and see if he'd doze off. This is something I try not to do too often but resort to occasionally in an effort to maintain my sanity at bedtime.
This night was different, though. We were driving down the country roads with the music on, bee-boppin' along, minding my own business. I turned into the little town down the road and next thing I see behind me is flashing red and blue lights.
That's right. I got pulled over at 7:30 at night, with my three kids loaded in the car. In their PJs. Lovely.
To make it worse, I didn't have my driver's license with me. And, it was my first time being pulled over, so I was a little nervous.
The nice officer comes up to my window.
 He asks if I know how fast I was going. 
No, sir.  I didn't realize I was speeding.
Yes.  54 in a 40 around the the corner.  (In my defense, I find that very unlikely as I do drive a mini-van.  That's pretty fast around said corner.  I think I would have noticed.  Plus, as Jeff later commented, it's hard to run radar around a corner.  Nice try, officer.)
Then comes the kicker…may I see your licence?
Um…Sir, I thought it was in the diaper bag but it's not. I'm sorry. (Voice quivering, like a nervous dork.)
I'll spare you the rest of the conversation but after about 20 more seconds he told me to slow down and walked away.  Laughing!  I'm pretty sure he felt sorry for me. 
Then the little voices in the back of the van speak up. 
Mommy, what did the police officer want.  Sweet Jack asked. 
I was driving too fast. 
Mom, that's not a good choice. 
You're right, Jack. 
And, so, our list of things that are not good choices now includes(among others), hitting, pushing, unkind words, not sharing, smoking (that came up thanks to man stopped next to us at light), and speeding.  Teach 'em young, right?


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