Life continues to be so crazy and  blogging has been on the back burner.  We’re one week away from moving into temporary lodging, 8 days away from the movers come and 12 days away from leaving San Antonio.  One would think that a rational family that is moving to a different state in less than 2 weeks would be busy sorting, packing, and cleaning.  This family is getting ready to host 13 children 5 & under and their parents for Miss M’s birthday party.  Totally rational.  That’s us.  It’ll be really fun and we’ll focus on the move tomorrow.  Morgan is so excited she can hardly stand it and that makes it all worth it. 

I haven’t updated much on what the kids are up to so here’s a little list.  Nothing fancy. 

  • M is such a nurturer and is constantly walking around rocking, singing to, bouncing and nursing her babies.  Constantly.  She is a little mama at heart.
  • Connor thinks that he is 4 1/2 or almost 3 like his brother and sister.  If he sees one of them do something he is sure that he can do it to. 
  • Jack loves music (all the kids do) and sports.  He’s really gotten into playing soccer in the backyard.  Jeff showed him the basics of some other sports and now he frequently says “Mom, I need to go practice my sports now.” 
  • C and M are both mama’s kiddos.  C roams around the house saying “Mom. Mom. Mom.” looking for me.  Especially if I’m not here.
  • J’s really getting into writing and his interest in reading is growing.  He LOVES books. 
  • M is quite the girly girl.  She’s starting to talk about princesses, likes pink, and wears dresses.
  • Connor weighs the same as Morgan and is sneaking up on her height wise.  He’s a big kid!

So, there’s just a little peak at what the little ones in our house are up to. 



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