June 9th in Seattle

June 9th in Seattle, originally uploaded by j_bstuart.

Yes, it's June 9th and the kids are bundled in fleeces, raincoats and boots. Jeff heard on the news tonight that this is the coldest June since 1954. Apparently, Mother Nature thinks in December. Last time we visited from Texas in the summer I packed hats and gloves for the kids. I was made fun of so I scrapped that idea this year. I should have taken the risk of ridicule, they would have said I was so prepared. Instead I made a Target run yesterday and bought new rainboots for the kids. We had been going through at least two pairs of shoes and pants a day. It's just so wet and soggy.

Despite the frigid temps we are having a ball. We had a BBQ with some friends on Friday. It was so neat to have (almost) everyone together along with their kids.

Jeff's brother and his family were here this weekend. What a treat to have all of the cousins running around. There has been lots of wood chopping and stacking (Jack and Morgan have loved helping with this). Their cousin also brought his family over last night. Connor thought he'd found his own little doll when he met Michael's son Tyler. It was so sweet.

It's been so lovely to hang out, relax and enjoy each other. We're off to Bellingham and LaConner on Wednesday to see some friends and my aunt & uncle. Friday we head south to visit my family.


One thought on “June 9th in Seattle

  1. That weather is crazy talk!! Are you sure you are not missing the 97 degrees back here in SA? Thankfully, the humidity has not been as high as it usually is this time of year.
    Glad to know you are catching up with lots of family.

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