9 Years

I'm still so behind on blogging and life in general.  I have lots of posts swimming around my head that I'm hoping to catch up on in the days to come.  Jack has stopped napping and thus, away went much of my computer time.  We're enjoying on our time together but there are adjustments to be made.
Onto the point of todays post.
Last Tuesday Jeff and I celebrated our ninth anniversary.  We didn't do anything too fancy, just dinner at Red Robin with the kids on Monday.  (Those of you who were around in the beginning of us know how appropriate that actually is.  We've eaten our fair share of fries and Mudpie.)  Tuesday we worked in the yard and once the kids were in bed watch "The Bucket List" and share a little wine.  It was lovely.  Great movie, by the way.  As we were watching the movie we started talking about what the nine years has held for us.  I thought I'd share what we came up with.
Sine July 2, 1999 we have:
Had three babies in three years.
Lived in 3 states, 1 US territory and a foreign country.  We visited many more.
Lived in 6 houses.  Ok…5 houses and a trailer.
Drove 5,000 miles in 25 days with our three small children and kept our sanity.
Made tons of great friends and had many amazing experiences.
I can't wait to see what's in store for the future.


One thought on “9 Years

  1. That is quite an experience, and i know you wouldn’t change one bit of it especially not your SA friends! (well maybe the trailer, Feel better now that your deep dark secret is out?) Love ya and miss you, Kerri

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