A new kind of happy hour

When we were living in Texas, Jeff discovered the blessing that is also known as the Sonic's Lemon-berry Slush. For a while, he had one every day. I wasn't a huge fan of the slush but the Cranberry Limeade made the heat a little bit easier to take. Even better was that from 2-4 every afternoon drinks are 1/2 price for "Happy Hour."
Yesterday, it was 98 degrees. In Colorado. And we don't have A/C. So the Sonic down the street was calling, screaming, our names. We decided to hit it on the way to the Concert in the Park. We ordered our cold treats, paid the nice man on rollerblades (LOVED THAT!) $8.48 and as we pulled away Jeff said, "Wow! If it had been happy hour that would have only cost us 4 bucks." And then we laughed all the way to the park about how our current idea of happy hour is a deal on slushes and limeade.
My how things have changed.


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