A Texas Take-away

We visited a church on Sunday.  As I was inquiring about where the kids needed to go for their classes I mentioned that it was our first visit.  The woman asked if we'd just moved to town.
"Yes," I replied, "we've been here about two weeks."
"Oh, where did you move from?  I hear a bit of a Southern accent."
And I never uttered even a single "y'all" or "fixin'".  Apparently, in our nearly 5 years in San Antonio I picked up a bit of a drawl.


2 thoughts on “A Texas Take-away

  1. Beth-
    I love your blog. it is the best. Even though I can’t see you often, always remember that we will be “old” friends and it is very cool to get this small insight into your everyday life:)
    ps-i loved the “WSU sorority joke” comment! ha!

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