Girly Girl

Miss Morgan has become quite the girly girl.  She loves pink, only likes to wear dresses, and loves playing with her babies.  Some examples are:

  • Her requested bedtime story every night since her birthday party has been Pinkalicious.  The only night she hasn’t asked for it, the requested book was Ladybug Girl.
  • Two days ago I found her sitting in the hallway with her sundress spread out on the floor and all of hair bows and clips piled around her.  When I asked what she was doing she replied, “finding the perfect match for my dress.”  Why of course you are.
  • I was talking with Jack and Morgan about painting their room (they chose to share) and Morgan requested Pink! 

Of course, she also can easily keep up with the boys, loves wrestling, playing ball, riding her bike, etc.  Just call her well rounded.


3 thoughts on “Girly Girl

  1. A blue and pink room would be really cute!!! I knew pinkalicious was a good choice!!!!

  2. Well rounded is a great thing. Has all her bases covered for the future. You go girl!

  3. Pinkalicious is a popular one around our house too.

    Matching bows/clips already…too cute!

    I’ll be interested in hearing about what color the room ends up. A boy/girl room will be neat.

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