Summer Fun

Yesterday the kids and I had a great day of doing all things "summer." We walked to the park, had ice cream cones and played in the water. It was fabulous.

Today I have the whole day to myself as Jeff took the kids to the mountains.  He knew how much I needed a bit of time to catch up on things and just…be.  So, I'm hoping to get through more of the photos from earlier this summer, run a few errands, and maybe even take a nap. 
For now, head over  here and check out more pics from yesterday. Remember, most pics are for "friends and family" only so if you don't have access shoot me an e-mail or post a comment and I'll send you an invite.
Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Love the pic!!! 103 hits today, Aren’t you jealous!!! We love you soooo mussssh and our wine and the one or two that folow and we wisssshhhh you wher hear. Sorry about the slurring:) I hope you get the message because we’re laughing…

  2. What a great picture of Jack. He is such a cutie. I thought your whole day of summer was a wonderful idea. I wished I could go out and copy your day but work was yelling too loudly.
    I love the fact that you and Susan are blogging and we can keep up with your lives. Thanks also for teaching us how to have just the new blog enteries sent to us.
    I enjoyed reading the 7girlsandatrailer blog. It was very easy to see why they are such good friends of yours.

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