Flowers from my son

Flowers from my son, originally uploaded by j_bstuart.

Sweet Jack picked some flowers for me today. He was very concerned that I protect them, unfortunately they didn't do too well in the heat.

I'm feeling a bit emotional with all things related to him as he is getting ready to start school (pre-k) in a few weeks. This will be the first time that I've ever dropped him off somewhere and left (except a few friends' homes.) He's so ready and excited and so am I, but still…it's hard to believe he's starting school.

Parent orientation was last night. The school is a co-op so Jeff or I will be in the classroom twice a month and I'm so excited about the year ahead. It seems to be a perfect fit for our family and our philosophy. Also, his teacher, Mrs. B came and visited Jack at our house today. She does a home visit for each new student (approx 20) to help them get to know her and get excited for school. I loved watching them interact from a distance. She is fabulous and after a few shy moments he warmed up to her completely.

He continues to count down the days.


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