First day of Pre-k

Posing, originally uploaded by j_bstuart.

Today Jack and I went to his Intro class at pre-k. They do a 1/2 day where a parent stays with the child to help with the transition. We were both very excited to experience this day together, just the two of us.

Jeff had arranged to be home with the younger two but got called in for a unit wide urinalysis recall (gotta love the miltiary). He reminded them of his plans and told them that he'd be there but had to bring the kids. Fun times! They hit the park and fed the ducks on the way home.

Jack and I had a wonderful morning. It seemed quite appropriate to drive the accord this morning as it was the car he came home from the hospital in. It's hard to believe that was almost five years ago.

School was great, he seemed very comfortable right away and several moms commented on how independent he was. I basically stayed back and let him do his thing. They played inside and out, sang a few songs, read a story and talked about what the day would be like next Wed on the actual first day.

After school we went to lunch. Jack picked Wendy's and we enjoyed Cheeseburgers, fries and a frosty. It was perfect!

I've posted more pics on Flickr. Here's the link:


2 thoughts on “First day of Pre-k

  1. The picture of Jack is precious. He is getting so big.
    What a special intro day of school you and Jack shared together. That is such a nice way to transition for both the parent and child. Then to top it off with lunch where Jack chose. Sounds like a great day you will both remember.

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