And he’s off.

Jack's first official day of school went well. We were all excited and ready to go even after a long night with both boys. (Jack was coughing some and Connor seems to have a sore throat). As I mentioned to Mom today, it was nice to have somewhere to be.
The nerves from last night were no where to be found this morning. After a tasty breakfast of toast w/ PB&J and apples Jack headed downstairs to get dressed. "Wait until you seem me look cool" and "even my underwear matches" were both phrases heard this morning. He didn't want anyone to peek as he dressed and even made his bed without my reminding him. Such the big boy!
Before we left I took a few pics. I really wanted one of Jack and I together but with Jeff gone I had to get creative. Thank God for self timers and the coffee table (I really need to get a tripod). I one with J & I and one with all of the kids & I. They aren't totally in focus and the exposure is a bit off but I LOVE them!
We loaded up and headed to school. Jack had his backpack on (probably a bit excessive but he really wanted one) and was ready to go. He showed M & C his cubby and they played for a few minutes. Around 9:10 I asked him if he wanted us to stay or if he was ready for us to go. "Mom, I think I'm ready for you to go now." And so, I was the first mom to leave.
We left and spent the morning at the park and grocery store. After lunch at Jason's Deli (it only seemed fitting as I had their California Club the day after each baby was born) we were off to pick Jack up. His face lit up as he saw me walk in.
After naps we'll celebrate the first day of school with Ice Cream Sundaes. Something that I hope will be a lasting tradition.
Juggling lunch and naps is going to be a bit of a task. I need to try a few things out to figure out a new schedule that will work for us.
All and all a great day. It's always a good sign when they ask "Mom when do I get to visit school again?"
More pics are here.


One thought on “And he’s off.

  1. Jack is just an amazing young man. Beth and Jeff, you have prepared him well to step up and experience all that life has to offer. Nicely done!
    I love all the pictures. Now I just have to figure out how to get copies! So glad that you got yourself in some Beth. Nice to see the mom!

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