Miss Morgan

Since Jack got so much blog time I thought I'd update on the other two giving each their own post.
Morgan continues to be quite the little mama. Not only is she almost constantly rocking, singing to and slinging her babies, yesterday she mothered a worm. Oh yes. The kids were digging for worms and Morgan found one to call her very own. She sang to it, walked it around the yard and even took it for a ride in the neighbor's little tikes car. What a crack up.
She says the funninest things.
Today after her nap she came upstairs and said, "Mom, I sleepted. (with the "t") I didn't even talk." (She's been having a hard time staying in her room and laying quietly when it's time to nap.)
She says things are her best instead of her favorite.
The other day as I was making breakfast (eggs, I think) she said, "I don't prefer to eat that."
Little Miss is quite the lady and is really becoming so talkative, outgoing and so much fun. Oh, and she's so excited to go to school. Too bad she has to wait about 11 months. 🙂


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