Fall Update

I know I'm very behind on blogging. It's certainly not for lack of things to say as I have a whole list of things to talk about. Honestly, it's partly due to a busy life and mainly due to poor time management. I find that when I sit down to blog or catch up on e-mail I end up checking Facebook or my blogs at google reader. So, once again, here's a quick update on what we've been up to. In list format.

*Connor is now in a "big" bed. Technically it's his crib that we coverted into a toddler bed. We've never been able to do this because the crib was always needed by another child.
*Jack went on his first field trip to the pumpkin patch. It was sweet that he acknowledged that this was the first time he was going somewhere without me or Jeff. (Technically not true as he's been places with his grandparents but close enough.)
*We took a day trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy the fall colors. They did not disappoint.
*Morgan has started enjoying doing things one on one with Jeff. Until now she's always been mama's girl. I'm thrilled to see this. Jeff's loving it!
*We're gearing up for Jack's 5th birthday. I simply cannot believe he's going to be 5.
*I have taken the plunge (or at least stuck my toe in the water) with my photography. My first "portfolio building" session was a success. I took family photos for a friend that I've made here. It was great fun and they're happy. I'm hoping to get back into my card design, too. Oh, and I'm working on a portfolio blog, too. It's almost done.
*We've joined the land of HDTV. I'm pretty impressed although the picture on nonHD seems a bit lacking. Maybe we're doing something wrong.
*We're gearing up for lots of fun visits from family and friends. Dale, Dix and Molly will be here for Thanksgiving. Our friends the Henrys will be visiting for a few days right after Christmas. Mom & Fred and Susan, Hans & sweet Conrad are all tentatively planning visits in December also. The Stuart Bed & Breakfast (asone of our sweet Sunday School teachers in San Antonio once described our house during the holidays) is once again open for business.
Of course there are many other things that happen around here on a daily basis. Those are the biggies. Stay tuned for a Halloween update and more soon.
I've added pictures to flickr (and Facebook for those not on Flickr).  Here's the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/j_bstuart/sets/72157608358646028/


3 thoughts on “Fall Update

  1. I’m very excited you are now listed as a Bed and Breakfast… We will enjoy getting up to the smell of coffee and breakfast waiting at the table for us. Do you do free babysitting as well? I think we may have to stay a few additional days!! Love ya!!

  2. Thanks for keeping tabs on me. I do stop by, but most of the time there is no time to comment…crazy life with the girls in two different schools, etc. And then you add Cannon to the mix and I get nothing done. šŸ˜‰
    Be back soon!

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