A great weekend

This weekend has been one of the best in recent memory. The best part was that Jeff has been with us the whole time. With his schedule thatis a relative rare treat for us.
Friday was Jack's last day of school before break.  The energy was high as I picked him up (maybe because it's been so cold no one's been able to get outside much).   The kids all made new year's resolutions and Mrs. B. wrote them down.  Jack's was to "be nicer and more loving to my brother and sister."  Good thing it's in writing.  🙂
After naps, we bundled up for "Christmas at the Farm" to visit Santa.  I wasn't sure how it would go and who would actually visit with the jolly old man.  As you may remember, Morgan opted out last year and Connor pulled the "deer in the headlights look."  Little Miss was so excited as we drove across town talking the whole way about Santa, the reindeer, etc.  We ended up 1 for 3 with Old Saint Nick.  When it came down to it, Morgan wanted to nothing to do with him.  With Connor, we pulled the plop and click (the camera that is).  He screamed.  Oh well!  Despite the low success ratio, this was by far the best Santa experience we've had.  The Farm is a city run farm with lots of animals, barns, etc.  They open it up for two weekends in December and you can visit Santa, see the animals and go on a hay ride.  For Free!  That's right, no crazy elves trying to get your kids to smile and no paying $85  for 3 pictures.  It was fabulous.  After Santa we visited a few animals and headed to dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  It was our first visit and Yum!  Plus, it was totally kid friendly and already loud so it was great for us.  A round of Candyland topped off our evening. 

On Saturday, I headed to the mall for a few last minute things (and a little shopping for myself, fun!).  Then we hit the road and headed to base for the unit's party.  Jack played, and won, his first game of musical chairs.  We had food, met a few people and watch all of the excitement.  While up there we were reminded why we live where we do, the wind was horrible.  Poor Connor cried the entire time to the building and back to the car.  40+ mph gusts and negative windchill does not equal fun in my book.  We had a crockpot dinner waiting for us when we got home, watched some Christmas movies and wrapped up another day.
Today we went to church (oh how I love our church.)  Jack and Morgan's classes sang and little miss was front and center with her big beautiful smile.  She didn't really know the words or hand motions but she sure knows how to smile.  :)  We all took naps and were able to talk with (and see) Aunt Susan and Conrad on Skype.  Dad introduced us to skpye this week and I love it.  It has been especially fun to have the kids interact with Conrad and their uncles.  Jeff's busy making meatballs for dinner and then we'll wrap up our weekend with a trip around town to see Christmas lights complete with hot cocoa and cookies. 
Yes, the perfect Christmas weekend.
Jeff's back out to work tomorrow and won't be home until the 26th.  The kids and I will spend the next few days baking, crafting and generally getting ready for Christmas.  We'll spend Christmas eve at church and our friends' house.  On Christmas we're so thankful to be able to go visit Jeff at work.  I think we'll be picking up another spouse and child and will drive out to his site.  It'll be about 2 hours but so worth it to be together as a family.  I'll be packing up snacks and treats to share.  It should be fun, or at least an adventure.  We'll have our family Christmas complete with Lasagna (our tradtional Christmas eve dinner) and opening gifts (our plan is to only do stockings on Christmas).  On the 27th our dear friends arrive from San Antonio for a quick visit.  They leave the morning of the 29th and Mom and Fred arrive that evening.  They'll be here for almost a week and will be able to celebrate Connor's 2nd birthday with us.  It's so special that Mom has been here for his  birth day and both birthdays so far.  We don't have big plans, I'm thinking a visit to the science center, homemade pizza and, of course, cupcakes.  I can't believe he's almost 2. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!


One thought on “A great weekend

  1. Oh my gosh! That is such a wonderful picture. Sums up the season I think. What a fab young man, Jack I mean.

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