Vegetable Dreams

We are in the process of planning our first vegetable garden (and some pretty serious yard updating).

Our first seed catalog arrived last week from Johnny’s and as you can see it’s marked up already.

I’ve also been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, usually right before bed. On those nights, my dreams are almost always filled with images of carrots, peppers, greens, herbs, and more all in rich, beautiful soil. We’re planning on using the square foot gardening method and will likely bite of more than we can, or at least should chew, but that’s ok. We’re up for the adventure and at least some tasty veggies. Oh, and we’re also planning on strawberries, raspberries and maybe a few fruit trees. We may not get it all done this year but it’s really fun to plan.

Jack keeps reminding us that if we have a garden, we won’t have to go to the store as much. Yes, son, that’s one of the best parts.


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