1st lost tooth

1st lost tooth, originally uploaded by Beth&Jeff.

Today, Jack lost his first tooth. I can't believe it! How's he getting to be so big?

Last week his teacher was joking with him that she had to get the glue and glue it back in because he isn't allowed to grow up. I feel a little bit that way. But mainly, I'm just so proud of the boy he is and the fact that he still has moments of wanting to be little. Earlier this week, he said he wanted to live with us forever and couldn't understandy why anyone would want to move away or go to college. The other day he asked me to rock him. I was thrilled. Today, he wanted me to stay at the birthday party instead of leave like the other moms. I was happy to oblige.

And still…he grows up. Just as he should.


One thought on “1st lost tooth

  1. Great picture of Jack! I guess I got a year longer than you did so I should appreciate that. A loose tooth is just one more reminder that Elle is growing so fast. Such a mix of emotions because Elle is THRILLED.
    Elle says the same thing about wanting to live with us forever. Makes my heart happy. (We’ll revisit this thought when she is 16…ha, ha.)

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