I want the mornings in our home to be like this image.  Warm.  Inviting.  Bright.  Happy.  Calm.  Mostly calm. 
Things have not been going that way around here in the morning and I'm desperate to change that.  I feel like we have a pretty good routine, the children know what needs to be done before we leave for school (only M, W, F) and we certainly get up in plenty of time to not be rushed. 
And yet.
 I still feel frazzled as we departure time approaches.  My words are often spoken harsher than they need to be.  We all ended frustrated.  Not how I want to spend our morning.  Or send Jack off to school.
Which leaves me struggling to make things better.  I know getting up before my three awake would help some.  But, sweet Connor has been making his appearance in our room around 5:00, sometimes before and not going back to sleep.  (Usually, the warm covers are removed from me as he says "up, up, up" or "I hugry.") 
Please, daylight savings time, magically give me my hour back and don't take it away again until fall. 
I think this weekend my three and I will sit and talk about how we can make things run more smoothly.  They usually have so much wisdom to share in just these situations. 
Hopefully, we settle back into our smooth, peaceful mornings. 
Just in time for Spring Break.


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