Searching for Spring

The weather here in our part of Colorado has been absolutely wonderful.  In fact, I think our first Colorado winter is giving us the wrong impression of how winter usually is in this part of the country.  Earlier this week I spotted some purple and yellow flowers in our neighbors yard. 
I could hardly believe my eyes! 
I gathered the kids and we set off on a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood searching for spring.  I don't like taking pictures of other people's homes without their permission.  (I'm a rules girl that way.)  So I was hoping to find some bulbs poking their little heads out of the sidewalk or along the trail. 
The walk didn't provide me any flowers.  I did see this

 Which, admittedly brought a smile to my face.  I drive by this sign every day and had never noticed that the pedestrian was hula-hooping. 
Later in the afternoon, as I watched the kids play and ride bikes in our cul-de-sac I noticed something green in our sad, empty flower bed (it's our first spring here and the yard needs TONS of work). 
I found my Spring right in my own front yard. 
Such a lovely surprise.


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