Mama’s purse

The other day I was driving (all by myself!) to church for some meetings.  At a red light I dug into my purse to put on some lip gloss and giggled over all that was in my bag.  So, I jotted a note (in my mind) to blog about it.

Inside I found:

My fab wallet

Mom Agenda


Freshly Picked Wallet full of insurance, membership and other cards

The latest issue (I think) of Brain Child

Some lotion samples from a shopping adventure with a visiting friend…in December

A matchbox car

A little cosmetic bag with 3 Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers (fig, nutmeg and cocoa) and a lipstick

1 size 6 diaper

3 old shopping lists

2 receipts

An old business card

A couple of pens

And, a fruit leather that didn’t make it in the photo because some little hands got a hold of it.

A mama indeed.


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