Deep in the Heart of Texas


I used to be a decent baker.  While I’m certainly no Betty Crocker or Martha Stewart, I usually had consistently good results while baking.  It didn’t matter if the recipe was new or old, cookies, cake, or pie, I ended up with positive results.  Or, at least edible results. 

And then, we moved. 

It seems I left my baking skills in Texas.  They’ve visited once, last weekend.  The kids and I made basic chocolate chip cookies and they were good.  In fact J’s response was, “wow, these are the best baked goods that you’ve made in a while.”  He’s right.  

Yesterday, I attempted  this recipe for Homemade Samoas (yes, the girlscout cookie) on Baking Bites. (That I originally saw on Say Yes! To Hoboken.)  Let’s just say, they did not look like the picture.  Or taste how I’m sure the cookies in the picture tasted.  I’m sure they are delicious wehn made correctly (actually, they were delicious but the cookie part was crumbly and the carmel/coconut part too hard to eat). 

I just messed them up.

Apparently my baking skills were only here in Colorado for a weekend. 

(Image here)


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