As a wife and stay-at-home mom to three small children, I rarely have time to be all alone.  That goes with the territory and I

One thing that I’ve recently realized, though, is that when I am alone and have some quiet time, I always fill the quiet.  Usually, this is literal.  The radio is almost always on.  Sometimes, I use the time to veg in front of the t.v. (usually dissatisfied by what I find on).   Other times, filling the quiet is more figurative.  I fill it by hopping online to check e-mail, blogs and facebook.  Or, I curl up with a book.  Of course, none of these are  “wrong.”


There is something to be said about being quiet.  Still.  Not filling the void with noise.  Only then can I focus my thoughts, calm my heart and mind and hear His still, small voice.

So, this weekend as the children napped and J was at work, I turned it all off.  I was still doing dishes and cleaning up (which may be missing the point a bit, but it’s a start).

I hope to take time each day to be still.  To calm myself.  To let my mind wander.  To be ready to listen when He has something to say.


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