A Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was one of the best (and busiest) in recent memory. 

We found our first little green heads poking through the soil.  Our herbs are growing!  So far so good. 
Friday night I headed out to Book Club.  It was my first time meeting with these ladies but I had met a few of them previously.  I have to say, I felt more than welcome.  What a crazy group of ladies. I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard.  Good food, good wine, great conversation (some of it was even about books!).  A great way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning we had Green Eggs and Ham as directed by Jack.  They'd had it at school this week and thought we should have it at home.  Mrs. B, his teacher, uses spinach for the green.  Jack even was heard telling Morgan, "try it, you can't even taste the spinach."  Ironically, this is something I make quite often for myself and no one has ever been interested. 

Then, we were off to the St.  Patrick's day parade.  Jack's school had a float in it, so all three kids and I particpated.  What fun!  Afterward, we hung out with some other families and watched the remainder of the entries.  
After several hour naps by all (except J), we had friends over for dinner.  The kids had a ball playing outside and we all enjoyed the early spring evening.

The weekend was wrapped up with church, seed ordering, car washing and the requisite water play afterward. 
Lovely.  Simply lovely.


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