Spring Break, Day 1

Our Spring Break started yesterday and while Jack is only in school three days a week, it seems to have had a bit of an impact around here.  The kids have been fussing with each other quite a bit and I'm not quite sure why. 
Here's a run down of our day in words and pictures.

  • Pancakes for breakfast
  • A physical for increasing my life insurance (trying to get it updated before my birthday, cheaper premiums that way!)
  • A trip to Target for new sand toys and bubbles
  • A walk to the park
  • Naptime (boy, was I ready for this!)

  • While the kids slept, I worked on a project for Morgan's room

  • A trip to Sonic for "Happy Hour" Slushes (and Mozzarella Sticks for me!)

  • Cleaning out the car while the kids played with bubbles, rode bikes and shared secrets with friends.
  • Dinner, Daddy, a chance for me to breathe. 

  • Building towers
  • Playing outside until dusk
  • Dirty toes
  • A quick shower
  • Bed
  • Everyone sleeping all night!! (First time in weeks.)

On to day two!


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