Getting away.

Early tomorrow morning (ok, 8:00, or so), we’re loading up in the van and heading to the airport.  J and the kids will drop me off, I’ll board a plane and fly west.  Home.   

Our sweet nephew, Conrad, turns one on Friday and I just couldn’t miss his party.  And, it’s turning into quite the party.  As of last count, I think my sister and brother-in-law are expecting almost 40 people.  Most of whom are my family and close friends.  I’m so excited.  Sure, it’ll be a lot of work and a bit crazy but how great to be able to catch up with so many people during a quick weekend trip.

In addition to the party, one of my oldest friends is driving down from Seattle for the day.  I’m so excited to see her and meet her sweet babe.  There will also be some celebrating of my birthday and just hanging out.  It will be busy.  But it will be so fun.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m traveling alone?  If things go as it did last year when I made a similar trip, I’m not going to know what to do with hours alone.  I hope to enjoy that feeling.  Do some reading and resting.  Just be.

Oh, and if the weather cooperates, I’ll get to enjoy this view of Mt. Hood from my sister’s deck.

1 thought on “Getting away.

  1. wow!! i got mentioned in the blog!!! 🙂

    It was so wonderful to see you and catch up for a bit. It is nice to feel more connected–good use of technology!!

    See you soon, my friend!

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