Week in Review

All of my good intentions to blog flew out the window this past week.  But, we were busy.  A good, productive, happy kind of busy.  
Here's a bit of what we've been up to.

Last Saturday, J took Jack skiing for the first time.  They had a blast and the littles and I enjoyed a quiet day together.  I made the the Macaroons and Banana Bread from Molly's book.  I had some work to do for the preschool (I'm the new board treasurer!) so I made a little snack to help power through the spreadsheets, checks and ledgers.  All I can say is, YUM!  In the past week I've made both again. 

We got our beds prepped and all of our cold tolerant veggies planted.  A whiskey barrel full of salad greens and one raised bed of spinach, carrots, onions, and peas.  All were seeds so we should start seeing some green soon.  75 strawberry plants arrived on Friday but we were dealing with snow and freezing temps so those will go in today. *J and the kids actually just returned with brocoli and cauliflower starts so those are going in now. 

We've been talking about getting a dog for a few weeks.  On Wednesday, Jsaw a few on the Humane Society's web page.  While Jack was at school, I took Morgan and Connor to meet one of them.  He was so sweet.  I couldn't resist…I put money down to hold him until J and Jack could meet him.  That evening they went and picked him up.  We've now added Kai, the Cairn terrier to our family.  It has really been such an easy transition.  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a good picture of him yet.  But, who knew that Bed Head makes dog shampoo?!

Friday and Saturday were rainy, snowy, cold and gray.  It was actually a really nice excuse to lay low and hang out.  Jack didn't have school because of conferences and J ended up being home on Friday due to the roads being closed and base eventually closing.  After a few errands and Jack's conference on Friday, we hunkered down and enjoyed the Seattle-like weather.  But, today the sun reappeared and it's supposed to be near 80 this week.
This week, I've also been spending a lot of time thinking on how I'd like the summer to go (and taking with the kids).  There are some new things I'd like to implement and some plans I'd like to make.  We're only about 4 weeks away so I need to get moving.  I don't want it to be crazy busy but I also don't want it to be so lax that nothing gets done.   
We're off in a few minutes to meet our wonderful friends, Joel and Kerri.  They were in the area visiting family and we're meeting them for dinner before they head back to San Antonio.  It'll be so great to see them.  I simply cannot believe it's been almost a year since we moved.

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