A good day

If this isn't the image of a boy who had a good day, I don't know what is.
Today we've played, worked in the garden, played, dug in the dirt ate BBQ'd cheeseburgers and had ice cream.  I think Connor has smudges of all of that on his body and clothes.
He was such a cheese while I took these pictures.  He kept saying, "Cheese…burger."  "Show me."  I'd show him the picture on my camera and he'd say, "Connor funny."  I loved it!
In other news, we had to return Kai to the Humane Society.  He started out doing ok with our family but as the days went on he became more and more agressive in responding to the kids "love."  But today was the final straw.  We had friends over and the little girl went to hug him goodbye.  Kai attacked her.  Growling, clawing, biting.  It was scary.
Thankfully, she was ok.  But I was done.  I will not have a dog in the house that cannot be around kids.  I was standing right there talking with my friend.  So, I talked with J and we returned him to the Humane Society.  While J was there he struck up a conversation (as he's known to do) with a man who was looking for a dog.  It's very likely that he took Kai home tonight.  I hope it works out for them.

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