A simple sandwich

Most everyone has a special meal that is fondly remembered or that when eaten immediately takes you back to a certain place and time.  I have a few and this little sandwich is one of them.
I must have had my first California Club from Jason's Deli shortly after moving to San Antonio from Turkey.  I was pregnant with Jack and it hit the spot.  The turkey, bacon and guacamole combo on a delicious croissant was delightful in a simple, summer way.  It must have made an impact because after Jack was born, this is what I asked J to bring to the hospital for me to eat.  (Admittedly, this is probably not what my docs would have recommended I eat after having a c-section.  Oh well.)  I'm not sure I had another one until 18 months later when Morgan was born.  I mean, it was a tradition, so J and Jack brought one to the hospital.  And, of course, when Connor was born 18 months later I had to have another one.  This time it was delivered (along with a Reuben for J) by the girls.  I know I had it a few other times while we were in Texas.   I remember a playdate with the girls and our 8 kids (all under five at the time, now we're up to 11 seven and under) when the nice Jason's Deli man brought the much loved sandwich to the door.
All of this is to say that it seemed fitting to swing in to Jason's Deli on Friday as I ran errands to prepare for our trip back to San Antonio.   And as I ate it, I remembered the five years we spent there.   They were years full of huge events, life changes and wonderful friends.  And we're going back, to our Southern home.
I can't wait.
Then, after a week of kids running around during the hot, sweaty days  and  late nights chatting and drinking wine, we'll head home to Colorado.  Because it's finally starting to feel that way here.  And, in six months we'll pack up again and head to our third home.  Our original home.  We'll celebrate Christmas with cousins running around in the cold rain during the day and spend nights chatting, playing games and drinking wine.
We are so, so blessed.
Back in 10 days!!


3 thoughts on “A simple sandwich

  1. Beth I love you photos and as wierd as it is, I love having more than one place that feels like home. I love Jackosnville, but I also loved Beaufort, SC and as much as I love the SE, I also love the PNW. I love them all for different reasons, but they all feel like home. I’m sure in the next 10 years we will have many more places that feel like home.
    What I have learned is that anywhere can feel like home as long as you have your family with you. Have fun in TX, when you get back to CO you will be glad to be “Home”

  2. Christy- I would but I don’t think they travel well. 🙂 How about I make you one (or something similar) when we’re there in December.

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