Soccer Mom

Last week new title was added to my ever growing list.  Jack had his first soccer game, I'm officially a soccer mom. 

The game itself was what you'd expect from 5 year olds.  Everyone chased the ball around the field with nary a thought to strategy. 

Jack had a great time.  Although he did notice that the other team scored more goals. 
As for the rest of us…

Morgan and Connor couldn't have cared less about the game.  Jeff did his best to keep them entertained.  This was before the game even started.
I couldn't help but do a little people watching as we enjoyed the afternoon.  The family dynamics (always one of my favorites!) were fascinating, particularly how parents watched, or interacted with their child, during the game.  As with all other situations, there were a variety of parenting styles.  I love watching it all unfold. 
There were the parents who were actively parenting/coaching throughout. 
"Johnny, stop chewing on your shirt."  "Bobby, follow directions."  etc. 
The former cheerleaders were also there.  They cheered encouragement for their child, and the team, every second of the game.  My favorite cheerleader on Saturday happened to also be about 7 months pregnant and ran the sidelines following every play and cheering her heart out. 
There were those who hardly paid attention to the game at all.  What (who)ever was on their iPhone, book, etc. took most of their attention. 
I think I was somewhere in between.  I try to let the coach handle things while Jack's at soccer.  However, if things got to physical I did shout a little reminder.  I cheered but also watched quietly.  Oh, and I did spend a few minutes chatting with the other parents. 
Poor Jeff, he hardly watched any of the game.  I guess next week it's my turn to entertain.


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