A Great Friday

I'm still shooting From Where I Stand but it seems to be working better when I post them in a group.  So, there' s more coming soon.
For now, I have some images from yesterday.  It was one of those days that just seemed perfect.  I've been a bit reflective lately as Jack approaches his sixth birthday.  For some reason this one is hitting me.  Hard. 
So, here's yesterday.  It was pretty great.
The sunrise.

Sweet Connor.

The sun rising on a birds' nest.  Noticing nests that are usually hidden by leaves has been very exiting around here of late.

We went to the Natural Area down the road and checked nature out.

Our Friday tradition is homemade pizza and a movie.  In the fall, I love popcorn and candy corn.  Yum!

I could hardly keep my eyes open (Sweet C has been having a tough time at night).    At 7:15 J told me to go to bed.  I did.  This sunset greeted me from our room.

Like I said, a great day.


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