Sweet Jack turned six yesterday.  Where has the time gone? 

We took cupcakes to school on Friday.  I help in his class every other Friday and was able to be there while they sang to him.  One great thing that his teacher, Mrs. W,  does is have the children say what they like or appreciate about the birthday child.  It was so neat to hear his classmates say that he is kind, a good friend, etc.
This year, instead of the usual party, we went on a mini-vacation to Denver.  We stayed in a hotel, went swimming, went out to dinner and stayed up (too) late watching a movie.  Great Grandpa even came up from Colorado Springs to join us for dinner.

Saturday we had a big breakfast and headed to the Museum of Nature and Science.  What a great museum!  We spent a few hours there, grabbed some lunch and headed home.  The day was rounded out with great gifts, burritos for dinner and ice cream cake. 

Oh, and many little pieces entered our lives yesterday.  Fun! 



1 thought on “Six

  1. So glad that you had such a wonderful birthdfay Jack!
    Can I say I love your selection of outfit for school on Friday.
    Love to all!

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