Advent Activities

December 3, already?  Time flies.
We are well on our way with this year's Advent Activities.  I've had several people ask me about what we do, where we get our ideas, how I pull it off, etc.  It seemed like putting it all in one place would be helpful. 
First, this is not my original idea.  Most of my good ideas are borrowed from other people.  I'm efficient like that.  I can't remember for sure where I first heard of replacing daily candy or ornaments with activities but I think it may have been on Ali's blog. Since then, I've seen the idea all over blog land.
Many of the things we would do anyway or would like to do but often fall by the wayside. Somehow, assigning each thing a day makes it much more likely to actually happen. Others I've come up with based on events around town or ideas I've seen.
Our list for this year is as follows:
* Dip pretzels
* Pick a few toys to donate
* Make treats for the birds
* Read Legend of the Candy Cane while eating a candy cane
* Old Town Kids (a local event)
* Decorate a gingerbread house (I buy a kit)
* Learn the history behind using evergreens at Christmas and decorate with them
* Make hand/foot reindeer and mail to the grandparents
* Drink apple cider under the stars
* Make a gratitude garland
* Watch The Very 1st Noel
* Attend Morgan's preschool party
* Attend the children's party at Jeff's work
* Read Polar Express
* Make pumpkin bread
* Skpye (or call) family and sing carols
* Make treats for friends at school
* Go see Santa and have dinner out
* See lights at the garden
* Drive to look at lights and drink cocoa/eat cookies
* Bake cookies
* Deliver cookies to daddy's work
* Eat ginger bread pancakes for breakfast
* Read the Christmas story
More ideas are here, here, and several here.
Also, I love Molly's idea and will definitely be adding that next year.
Enjoy the season!!
Oh, and San Antonio friends, the drive-thru nativity at Concordia was always included when we lived there. I just checked their site, it's Dec 19 & 20 this year. Don't miss it!!


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