Yesterday day was one of those days.

You know, a day full of unplanned 2 hour trips to drop off important documents to your husband’s work.  A day when your nearly 3-year-old is extra challenging.  One of those days when the advent activity involves a lot of bird seed and peanut butter and it’s too cold to be outside for long but you weren’t with it enough to switch activities. 

But I really knew it had been a day around 6:15.  That’s when I found myself outside shoveling snow in the 10 degree weather and loving every second.  The rhythm of the shovel scraping the sidewalk, the quiet, the still.  I could have gone around the entire neighborhood. 

And I would have except there was a game of Go Fish waiting for me inside. 

Amazingly, after spending 10 minutes in the peace filled darkness I felt better. 

Oh, and the pizza, beer, and football with Jeff helped, too. 

*  Yes, locals, I know we were supposed to shovel on Wednesday when it snowed.  It just didn’t happen.  Next time, we won’t be delinquent.  Promise.


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