Advent thus far

We’ve been enjoying our (almost) daily activities a lot this year.  Yes, there has been a day or two when we just didn’t get to it.  As well as a night when I didn’t realized the forcast called for -10 degrees andour  planned activity was to drink cider under the stars.  So, we go with the flow. 

Overall, it’s been great.   

So far, my favorite was last night.  We made a gratitude garland.  I cut strips of paper and after dinner we took turns saying things we are thankful for.  Everyone, even Connor, participated and I loved seeing each personality come through in their responses.  Some of them include:

* Our home

* Friends and Family




*Baby Jesus



The completed garland is now hung on our hutch.  I think this is definitely an activity we will do every year.

(A friend joined us that day!)

There was a movie night.  We watched The Very First Noel.  Don’t you love how Connor’s belly is hanging out? 

We’ve also dipped pretzels, picked toys to donate, read several books, and made treats for the birds. 

All, in all, it’s been lovely.  And, there’s  much more to come.


3 thoughts on “Advent thus far

  1. Wow, just took a double take…thought that was me sitting there watching the movie…well, me 27 years ago that is. 🙂

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