The Gingerbread Shack

Last night we decorated a gingerbread house.  Just as we’ve done in years past, I bought a kit and we were good to go. 

This year, though, things went wrong.  Terribly wrong .

Maybe it was because I bought it at the local grocery store instead of Costco.  I don’t know but our beautiful gingerbread house turned out to be more of a gingerbread shack.  We decided to quit while we were ahead.

A few minutes after we were done, Jeff called me in and said, “you should take a picture now…it looks like a tornado hit.”

Yes, yes it does.

But we sure had fun.


One thought on “The Gingerbread Shack

  1. You have done a wonderful job. I love the advent activities.
    The house looks lovely. You are way ahead of us as we have yet to put out much of anything except the Nutcracker rug in the entry way. I hope that gets better today!

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