I really like a fresh start.

A new day, new week and yes, new year all make me happy.  The unknown of what lies ahead.  The possibility.  A clean slate.

I’m not one to make a huge list of resolutions but I do like to enter the new year with some goals and hopes for the year to come.

Once again, I’m joining Ali (and many others) in choosing “one little word” for the year.

This year my word is habit.

So much of our daily lives is based on our habits. This year I want to focus on what I do and why.

As I think about habit I can’t help but think back to my first job out of college. Instead of the typical review, the employee and her supervisors would make a “stop, start, continue” list for the new year.

My plan for this year is a lot like that.

I have some ideas for things I’d like to stop and start. Some of them are the usual eat better, exercise more. There’s much still yet to be discovered, I’m sure.

I’ll share more as I move through the year. For now, here’s a new “start”.

365 Project

I’ve embarked on a 365 project.  I’ll be taking one picture a day for the year.  My hope is to capture a bit our lives in 2010 in a creative, meaningful way.


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