Back at it…

…and then some.
Last week it was back to work and school for the three in our family who do those things.  The transition from vacation went relatively well, though it wasn't smooth at all.
Crazy work schedules, a car that broke down and now colds have all caused a few bumps.
In order to make life a bit smoother, I've gotten behind on things like blogging, laundry and cleaning.  But, when it's come down to it, everyone has been fed, had clothes to wear, and been much loved.   
Right before the craziness, sweet Connor turned three (!).  We had a great day celebrating him as a family.  With his birthday the day before it was back to the grind, his birthday post/re-cap got lost in the shuffle.  It's coming. 
For now, I'm off to enjoy the end of a sick day.  Jack was home today as I am hoping he can kick his cold with a full day of rest.  It's been a great day with lots of hanging out and catching up.  Maybe in a few days I'll update the blog and have a new banner. 
All in due time. 
**And, no, the clemantine really has nothing to do with this post other than that we've been eating them like crazy.


2 thoughts on “Back at it…

  1. I love that picture! I realize it’s just a clementine, but the perspective is fabulous. Very artsy of you=)

  2. Thanks, Sara! I’m working on my “through the lens” perspective and am glad you enjoyed it.

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