On January 3rd our sweet Connor turned three.  Three. It's hard to believe.  We kept our celebrations low-key but even now, two weeks later, he still talks about how much he loves his birthday.
The morning started off with breakfast tacos per request.  Then, we were off to church.  The birthday boy was so excited to go to his new class.  The rest of the day was spent hanging out at home.

We decided to open gifts throughout the day so that he would have time to play with his new toys.  This worked much better than waiting until after dinner.  Of course, it being a weekend helped.  I'm not sure we will be able to swing that on weekday birthdays.  By the way, this truck is so cool.  All of the pieces come off with the help of the handy screwdriver.
After lunch (PB&J, again as requested), the younger two napped.  Jack and I decided to put up some streamers and decorate a bit.  He was so into making the house look special for his little brother.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing with the new marble run.  This is a toy that Jeff and I have been anxious to get.  Because all of the kids were so little, it was never a good idea.  The time finally came!
We capped off the day with pizza and mediocre cupcakes.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but this recipe hasn't turned out for me since we moved.  Jeff wouldn't even eat one.
It was a great day!
Other things about Connor at three:
*He is still a big dude.  He and Morgan weigh the same and he's only a few inches shorter.  He is taller than many of the children in Morgan's pre-k class.  A friend referred to him as a "gentle giant" and that is a great way to describe him.
*He is quite the comedian.  The funniest things come out of his mouth and he has some crazy dance moves.  I am constantly cracking up at what he says and does.
*He is fully potty trained during the day and is dry most mornings when he wakes up.  YAHOO!! After 6 plus years of changing diapers, this is huge for Jeff and I.
*He cannot wait to go to preschool next year.  He is already asking when school starts and is very concerned that he doesn't have a backpack yet.
Sweet Connor.  I can't wait to see what the year holds for him.


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