Sick Day

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This week started with Morgan being home sick on Monday and Jack being home sick on Friday.  Both of them had a very brief stomach bug and felt fine when I kept them home.  But, being the rules girl that I am, I kept them home since they hadn't been puke free for 24 hours.
Is it bad that I enjoyed keeping them out of school?
Both days were spent in PJs playing, doing projects, and just being together.  I always enjoy these days so much because I feel like I have a pass from being productive.
The pictures above our from Friday, my day home with the boys.  We played hot wheels, built marble runs, crafted/created, ate juicy tangelos and topped off the day with a pizza dinner.  (I told you he felt fine!)

Days like this make me contemplate homeschooling.  In fact, on Friday, I day-dreamed that we moved to Europe (a perk of the military), homeschooled the kids and used our days to travel and explore.  In reality, I don't think it would be a fit for our family.
But some days, it seems like a possibility.
** Speaking of homeschooling, pop over to Blue Yonder Ranch and check out their nature journals. Awesome! While you're there, explore their shop. I just bought Winter Book 1.


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