The Long Winter

I'm just going to say it. This winter has kicked my butt and I wish it would move on.
Not only have we had more sickness in our home than I ever remember but it has been bitterly cold and dreary. The gray has gotten to this native Pacific Northwesterner. I'll be honest, as I've mentioned in the past, that part has me a bit concerned. Our plan is to move "home" to WA when Jeff retires and it's pretty gray there much of the time.
Anyway, that's what's new around our house. We've been sick and when we weren't sick (actually, aside from a cold I've been spared so far) we've been in the cold gray.
On the brighter side, my mom was here for a week which was awesome. We all so enjoyed having her here. To top it off, Jeff and I were able to get away overnight for the first time in over a year. (!!)
::I'm still plugging away on my 365 project. It's kind of turned into a project done on my iPhone because that's what I have with me most of the time but I'm hoping to move back to my camera. I'll be updating Flickr with new pictures over the next few days.


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