Get Outdoors Challenge: Days 3 and 4

We continue to get outdoors daily.  Much of the time is the kids playing and me either work outside or doing housework indoors.  This was especially true on Sunday.  They spent much of the afternoon out with daddy while I sorted, purged and cleaned.

After Jeff was done trimming a few branched he made this simple swing for the kids.  They love it and it has gotten much use in the last three days.

Monday found us with the older two in school in the morning.  Our afternoon held naps for all three and haircuts for the boys.  A busy day!

We usually get to Morgan’s school about 15 minutes early.  Thankfully, there is a park and creek nearby that the boys love to explore.  I had to practically drag them away.

While they explored the water, I soaked in the bits of green that are appearing.  I’m not sure I’ve ever appreciated spring’s arrival as much as I am this year.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually less busy as only Jack has school.  We’ve already picked out a new natural area to explore after naps.  I think I’ll also get out I Love Dirt and Let’s Go Outside to get some activity ideas for the upcoming days.

What are you doing outdoors?


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