Ta Da!

I have a friend who frequently updates her facebook status simply as “ta da.”  It always makes me smile and think about how productive she is.

Today, I thought “ta da” and it felt great.

The past few weeks have been rough.  Not only we were getting used to Jeff being gone but we were getting back into the swing of school/activities as well as juggling the  commitments I had (have) with the preschool board and PTO.  I had (have) so many balls the air that I felt like I was constantly forgetting something that I needed to do.  Sure, I kept lists but they were mostly on meeting minutes or scrap papers.  Those, of course, were never where I left them and often never to be found again.

This morning, as I realized I was down to my last six synthyroid pills (with no refill or doctor’s appointment scheduled) and that the house was a mess and the last load of laundry from Saturday was clean and dry but not folded I decided enough was enough.

I got out my tiny moleskine and started making a list.  I got so much done.  (Though, I must confess that I scheduled both my doctor and dentist appointments on dates that I had commitments at church.  I guess I should have updated the calendar before I scheduled appointments.)  Not only did I get stuff done, my brain feels less crazy.  I’m not trying to keep all of this information inside.

And, the joy of marking things off as I do them.  Love that.

Next up I’m revisiting Steady Mom (Intentional, Professional Mothering. Love that, too.) to work on our routines.

See, what I’m realizing is that although I’ve always thought of myself as laid back, casual and flexible the truth is that  I don’t operate well in that mode.

At all.

The kids don’t either.


One thought on “Ta Da!

  1. hi!!

    Just catching up on your blog. 🙂 Is it me? Am I Ta da? I love when i show up in your blog!!!! 🙂

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