Picture the Holidays

As I mentioned, I signed up for an online photography class called .Picture the Holidays.  It’s really not so much of a class as it is daily inspiration.  Tracy is leading Picture Winter starting January 1 and I encourage you to sign up if you are interested in capturing life through photography.

Anyway…I thought I would share some of the images I’ve taken so far along with their prompts and my comments.


Holding onto graditude

Prompt:  Holding onto graditude

A beautiful sunrise on a difficult morning is such a blessing.

Reframing the Season

Prompt:  Reframing the season.

All you need is love

Prompt:  All you need is love

A heart shaped rock found in WA sits on my windowsill until my love returns from Iraq.

You hold the key

Prompt:  The key

Getting outside and playing with the kids is the key to bringing me back to where I should be.

Every little thing

Prompt:  The view from here

This is the view from my deck.   These shells are part of a mobile the kids made during our trip to the beach this summer. Such beauty and sweet memories.

IMG_5510 edit

Prompt:  Every little thing

The sun shining on our stockings as it rises.

Express yourself

Prompt:  Express yourself

I hope like this paperwhite, something beautiful will come out of this season of growth.

Reflecting the season

Prompt:  Reflecting the season
It's a sign

Prompt:  It’s a sign

Sometimes the waiting is the best part.


One thought on “Picture the Holidays

  1. Hi Beth – I LOVE these pictures and your prompts. You have a real talent. Plus, we have to talk because apparently we both love photography & writing! 🙂 You inspired me today.

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