Christmas Break, Day 1

I’ll be honest. It wasn’t pretty.There were bad attitudes, hitting, hair pulling, a bloody nose, too much tv and so much more.
That was just the kids.
And yet, now that the little ones are tucked in their beds dreaming of tomorrow, I don’t remember those hours moments .

Instead, I remember the walk at a nearby natural area.

The way Connor fell asleep while I cooked dinner and woke with a serious case of the giggles.
IMG_5685 edit
And the hour or so that we spent eating cookies, drinking cocoa and looking at lights.
IMG_5687 edit
IMG_5688 edit
Thankfully, I think those are the things that my three will remember also.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Break, Day 1

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the hectic memories with the little ones just melt away, and the happy ones are the only ones that remain? 🙂 That happens to me about every day – we have so many moments that just make you want to pull your hair out (I have 2 little boys), but then by the time they go to bed, all I can do is smile! The happy memories DEFINITELY stick with them, too!

  2. Love the framing of the top two photos. And, as always, love your musings and the delight you have with your kids. It’s truly a pleasure to read about how much you enjoy your children. Even if every moment isn’t amazing =)

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