The good life

Delicious dinner

What a week.  My sister and her family arrived last Tuesday for what was supposed to be a fun filled Christmas.  Instead we got a visit from a nasty stomach virus.  What was supposed to be a Christmas to remember for its fun, laughter, and joy became the Christmas to remember for all kinds of other reasons.

And yet.

The story of Christmas goes on regardless of our circumstances.  I’m sure Mary had all kinds of expectations, plans and dreams for her first born.  Those all went out the window with an angelic visit.

As a new year approaches (and if I’m honest I bid an exuberant good bye to 2010) I choose to focus on the story of Christmas.  It was never a story that promised ease, comfort and the “good life”  but love,  joy, and most of all hope.

So, tonight I embrace the meal that my sweet girl served to me on a cardboard box, the epic amount of laundry I have done this week, the plans that flew out the window and the fact that we still have 6 weeks to go until Jeff comes home.

Because, really, I am living the good life.


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