Cold Day(s) in Pictures

I’m still short on words.

However, thanks to cold bitter temps I’m long on pictures to share.  The weather here started turning Monday afternoon and we were home until Wednesday morning when we just couldn’t take it any more.  By that point, I had used up all of my tricks.

Here’s what we were up to.

Cold Day 1

We made goodies for PTO.  Too bad my meeting was canceled and we couldn’t let them go to waste.

Cold Day 2

We painted on canvas.

Cold Day 3

There were waffles for breakfast.

Cold day 4

Crafts were made.

Cold day 5Books were read.

Cold day 6

Jack and I started a house out of craft sticks.

Cold day 7

Our art was hung in the hallway.  I love this!! We will definitely be doing this again.

Cold day 8

Cookies were made.

Cold day 9

And, we wrapped it all up with a black eye thanks to a collision at the bounce play place.

I think it is safe to say we were all ready for school yesterday.


The wreath idea came from Aimee who found it here.


2 thoughts on “Cold Day(s) in Pictures

  1. It looks like you have been keeping busy to beat the boredom! Wonter means long days inside and time to get creative! i love the canvas painting idea!

  2. Thankfully, we typically get some nice weather in between storms. Last weekend it was in the 60s! The canvas painting was so fun. I think we’ll do it again for Spring. My only request this time was that the art work have a valentine’s theme. That is a bit limiting. I think seasonal directions would be even more fun!

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