Joy Found

Early spring gifts

You all (or should I say y’all in respect to my past Texas life) know  how much I love 1000 Gifts.  It really is a life changing book.

I wasn’t half way into it before I started keeping track of my gifts.  I was on a roll.  I probably counted 25 or more on the first day alone.

Two weeks ago I was nearly skipping with joy as I got ready for my day.  I even wrote it down.

I felt joyful. Full of joy.

I was taking time to notice the wonderful gifts and blessings in my life.  Big, yes.  But mainly the small.

Such as…

4 The sound of pencil on paper

5 Tree limbs dancing in the wind

7 Music that takes me back to birth days

12 Planning date nights

13 New makeup

16 The first sip of coffee

21 Middle of the night songs

22 The way Connor and Jack stick their tongues out when they concentrate

As I glance back at the calendar for that week I find few commitments.  We had time.  Space.  Room to breath and live.

Room to notice.

The past few weeks, I’ve felt much less joy.  I’ve felt rushed, overwhelmed and scattered.

More burdened than gifted.

So many things.  Events.  Many of which I could have, should have done weeks ago.

There’s no room to notice.  Not with all of the hurry.

And then, I realize what’s missing.

Thanks always comes before the miracle (just ask Ann!) .  I pause.

The kids are outside enjoying the glorious weather.  I look out the window and see

49 pigeon couple walking down the sidewalk

In that moment, I feel the miracle that’s forthcoming.

If only I make the time to give thanks.


7 thoughts on “Joy Found

  1. Beautiful list… I loved the 49 pigeon couples! That must have been something to behold!
    Have a blessing filled week! ~Maria

  2. ps. I don’t always write down the gifts I notice. Most often, I’m photographing them. When I end up reviewing my photos, I’m actually reviewing those moments of awe. I love your photograph of the tulips!

  3. Visiting your lovely blog from Ann’s. Your list is so joy-filled. Being that I love to write, I really like “the sound a pencil makes on paper!” Or the way a pen glides across a journal page (favorite of mine). As I continue to write down what I am thankful for I really notice the little things about my husband and God’s glorious Creation. Take care.


  4. Constance- Thanks for visiting. Isn’t it amazing the blessings that are revealed when we take the time to notice?

  5. Thanks, Maria! I, too, am usually behind the lens but there is something special about stepping away, noticing and writing it down without the protection of the camera.

  6. I’m going to check to see if the book is available at the library. It sounds like an inspiring book to read. I’m doing the 52 Books in 52 Weeks as well (there’s a website that you can link your books that you read each week if you don’t already do that). Am also doing the 30 Day Vegan Workshop (that’s how I found your blog).


  7. Let me know if you read the book. I’ll have to check out the site where you can link books as I’m not yet doing that. Thanks for visiting!

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