Range of Emotions

Everyone keeps asking if I’m excited.  It seems as if they expect me to scream “YES!” while doing cartwheels.
Yet, I’m not.
It’s not that I’m not excited.  I am.  But I’m also anxious, nervous, cautious, and trying to keep realistic expectations.  This is new territory for me even though I’ve been a military wife for nearly 12 years.  We haven’t been apart for this long since I was in college and we were dating.  Now, we’ve rarely been apart have three small children.
I’m just not sure how things will go.
Honestly, I just want things to be normal.  Like it always is when we’re together.  But I know we will all have some adjustments.  Probably him more than us.
I expressed my mixed emotions to him and his response went straight to the center of my heart.
“Once I get home, everything will be fine.  We’re the best team I know.”
It’s true.  We are.
He’s my best friend.  He knows all about me and sometimes has insights about me that I haven’t discovered for myself.  The one I’d rather be with over any other.  The one I’ve known for half my life.
And so, despite the continued range of emotions, I know that once it’s just us I’ll grab his hand and we’ll settle in.
A team reunited.


3 thoughts on “Range of Emotions

  1. Grab a hand and hang on. As long as you focus on the two of you it will all come together. You are a wonderful couple and great people each of you. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you will be back together!

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