Spring Break Part 1

We have had the most delightful Spring Break.  I don’t know if its the age of the kids, our current situation or both but it has been a great mix of fun and relaxation.

The week started off with a visit with family a few hours away.  My sweet Grandpa has his house decked out with balloons to welcome Jeff home.


We enjoyed a bit of the local St Patrick’s Day parade before the kids crashed and we headed home.

71:365There was the hike to a really cool cabin.  I loved the rhythm of these wheels.  (Great for my Picture Inspiration Class).


This awesome table and chairs were in the cabin.  Jeff asked if I wanted to carry them out.  I said no.  But wished wecould.


We got ready for Spring soccer.  Both Morgan and Jack will be playing this season.  It will be crazy and fun.  Little Miss is especially excited.


Finally, there was Spring growth.  The new life is such a blessing.


Happy Spring, all!   We’re back to “normal” around here tomorrow so maybe I’ll find my blogging rhythm.


One thought on “Spring Break Part 1

  1. What a lovely tale of this year’s Spring Break and a glimps into your life.
    Love it!

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